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In this part you will assemble the printHAT 2 and the Raspberry and run the wrecklabOS for the first time. During the first boot the wrecklabOS image takes care of installing and/or updating all the required software.

You don’t need your 3D printer just yet. The following steps can be performed with the boards assembled on your desk.

Initialization of the board

Connect the printHAT 2 to the Raspberry Pi with the following steps:

  1. Install the board making sure the printHAT 2 connector is aligned with the right end of the Raspberry Pi header (Fig.1)
  2. Mount the 2 spacers on the opposite side with respect to the Raspberry Pi header connector (Fig.2)
  3. Make sure the boot jumper is installed (factory default on a brand new printHAT 2) (Fig.3)
  4. Power the Raspberry Pi via the Micro USB port with a suitable power supply

As soon as the Raspberry Pi power LED turns on, remove the printHAT 2 boot jumper

The initialization will continue in the background, lasting few minutes and taking care of all the software updates. In a short while you should be able to connect to the Raspberry Pi

On the Raspberry Pi Zero the initialization process is very slow due to the reduced processing power of the board. Wait at least 5 minutes before continuing, to make sure the procedure is complete.

phat2_assembly Fig.1 - printHAT 2 and Raspberry Pi stack alignment

phat2_assembly Fig.2 - printHAT 2 spacers installation

phat2_assembly Fig.3 - printHAT 2 boot jumper location