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Next, install the printHAT 1 and the Raspberry Pi on your 3D printer and connect the cables according to the diagram below.
For the installation, you can use the original Wrecklab enclosure.

The nomenclature for the axis is the one adopted by Klipper (as well as other control software) where for a cartesian printer the motion axes are labeled X,Y,Z while for a delta printer the towers are labeled A,B,C. The extruder is called in both cases EXT.

phat1_pinout_cartesian Fig.1 - printHAT 1 pin assignment for cartesian printers

phat1_pinout_delta Fig.2 - printHAT 1 pin assignment for delta printers

phat1_pinout_gpio Fig.3 - printHAT 1 microcontroller pin names