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The Klipper Wiki is the starting point to learn about all the Klipper functionalities and advanced features.

Here a short list of the most common topics:

  • all the extended functionalities are documented in the config file reference doc and they can be added to the printer configuration file
  • the list of Klipper supported commands and G-CODES
  • the endstop phase detection algorithm which greatly improves the accuracy of the end stop switches. This aspect is very critical for Delta printers to achieve consistent first layers
  • the Delta Calibration Procedure documentation
  • the Bed Levelling Procedure documentation
  • the sensorless homing supported by the printHAT. If you are willing to activate it, follow the Klipper instructions at the link provided. Sensorless homing is not recommend for delta printers due to the lower accuracy compared to regular end-stop switches.